To help you get in the moment, Villa Vignotti offers multiple facilities. We are continuously working to improve so if you have any suggestions; feel free to drop a note!

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is heated by the sun and naturally cleaned by salt. From the water you have a great view into the valley and over the Alps. Enjoy an Aperol Spritz during Sunset and you'll never want to leave again!

Massage room

The massage room was the only room that was intact before the renovation. It still has its tiny windows so you can enjoy a relaxing massage in a quiet setting! This room can be turned into a tv room on request. It has a widescreen and many movies from David's collection.

Exercise room 

This room is ideal for Yoga. It catches a very nice sundown and in the morning the Alps are highlighted by the sun. The perfect spot to enjoy your morning ritual. Use it as you please!



We believe a good day starts with healthy food and some exercise. If you happen to be on the same page, you can join us for some early morning yoga and home made breakfast after! We also like to accommodate your stay with some of the better activities in the area: Wine tasting for example! Discover one of the many small wineries through tasting their wines!


Yoga & Mindfulness

Since Lotje is practicing yoga everyday, you can therefore join anytime you want! With a quiet mind and a balanced body, we believe you can enjoy Italy even better... Let us know if you want to do a course! Besides teaching yoga, Lotje offers Mindfulness, Reiki and Massage as well.


Wine Tasting

The area around Villa Vignotti is famous for its wines. Here you'll find the Famous Barolo, Barbaresco and Dolcetto wines as well as the Barbera, Grignolino, Favorita, Chardonnay and Arneis. The small wine makers are very passionate about their wines and love to tell you all about the wine making proces! We organise weekly winetastings at a diversity of wineries. 


Cooking workshops

Piemonte is the centre of slow food. Italian people eat what the season brings and they stick to the quality of fresh products from local producers. A beautiful, simplistic but rich way of cooking that many of our guests like to know more about. If you are interested, we are happy to organize a workshop for you!



Hazelnut groves and vineyards are spread out through the Alta Lange. Each season colours the landscape differently. We love to drive, scooter or walk around in this area and give you all kinds of advice on where to go and what to visit. If you like a fully organised excursion: let us know, so we can help or join! 

The Italian riviera - Mediterranean sea

The Mediterranean sea between Ventimiglia and Genua is only a 40 to 90 minute drive away from Villa Vignotti. Nice places to visit are Varigotti, (photo) Nova Liguria and of course Genoa. The sea is reasonably warm until mid October so don't forget your trunks! If you are a diver like Ronald and Lotje: bring your certification because there are interesting wrecks and marine life.



The ski-resorts of Prato Nevoso, Fraboso and Limone Piemonte are between 50 and 90 minutes from the house. These areas are mid-range in size and are often very quiet. If you are a cross country skier, the area around the house is perfect for you between mid December and half way through to March. There are tracks but you can also tour yourself.


Food & Beverages


Breakfast is included unless you wish otherwise. You can eat a variety of our home made jams and marmelade on the freshly baked bread! Additional fruit and nuts come straight from the garden. If you have any diet wishes or allergies, let us know in the contact form.


Each room has its own Nespresso coffee & Tea bar so you can easily make a simple espresso or tea yourself. As you might have noticed, the rooms are named after different grapes: You'll find a suitable, complimentary wine in any of the rooms! If you wish to drink another: there are always plenty of wines in our wine storage.


On week days we cook classic Italian dishes for guests who like to relax and stay at home for a day. If you wish you can even learn some new dishes. If you like to use the kitchen for yourself: just let us know when and we'll make it available for you!