About us


David Odd

David used his artistic skills as Cinematographer (Persuasion, My Boy Jack and Prime Suspect) in designing Villa Vignotti. From an old ruin he build the house into what it is today. David likes bringing ideas into action, all he needs is a blanc sheet and a pencil to create great creative structures! He also loves to work on his bikes (From Harley to cross bikes) and the vegetable garden, or in fact anywhere on his terrain. David has many great stories to inspire you with!

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Ronald Verdries

One day Ronald drove by Villa Vignotti in order to get to a restaurant. His rental car got stuck in the snow. Help was needed and there was no other solution then to knock on the door of the Villa. The car was forgotten and Ronald left the house 5 days later. Ronald is an avid diver and skier and loves to organise journeys and events anywhere on the planet. If you need any advise on where to go in Piemonte, he's the man!

Lotje Dekker

Lotje was introduced to Villa Vignotti a few years later, travelling there together with Ronald. Lotje is an Expert Yoga teacher, massage therapist and Reiki master. She loves to cook and explain about the wines in the area. She gives daily yoga sessions and cooks from the organic garden if you wish! Every season Lotje organises a retreat in Villa Vignotti with different theme's. Next up: Yoga and skiing in February!